Leading Chinese conservation organization organizes symposium on Great Bustard at CMS Meeting

Leading Chinese conservation organization “China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation” (CBCGDF) organized a panel on the Great Bustard at the meeting of parties to Convention on Migratory Species (CMS), before scheduled discussion of the proposed Concerted Action for Great Bustards in Asia. Though China is not a party to CMS, it is an important range state for the Great Bustard in Asia and CBCGDF plans to play a leading role in the Concerted Action. Speaker Fred Dubee of CBCGDF outlined the organization’s commitment to the Great Bustard, including establishment of Community Conservation Areas, rehabilitation programs for injured birds, and organization of citizen anti-poaching patrols. Other speakers included Dr. Borja Heredia of the CMS Secretariat, and Dr. B Lkhagvasuren, CMS Scientific Councillor for Mongolia, who provided context on the proposal’s history. Speaker Dr. Mimi Kessler, of Eurasian Bustard Alliance, described declines in Great Bustard populations and urged delegates to support the Concerted Action.

October 2017

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