Special edition of “China Bird Watch” focuses on Great Bustard

The popular science magazine “China Bird Watch” has organized a special issue on the Great Bustard, with articles from a wide range of authors including birdwatchers, conservation scientists, reserve employees and volunteers. The issue included reports from two consecutive years of the winter survey project “Great Bustards Back Home” funded by the Henan project center of the Society of Entrepreneurs and Ecology (SEE).

It features articles by Dr. Liu Gang and Dr. Mimi Kessler. Dr. Mimi Kessler’s article is titled “中国鸟类观察,” – “The summer life of a winter visitor.” This article describes a year in the life of one of the Great Bustards that overwinter in China, and the migratory journey that links the countries of China, Mongolia and Russia. The article was translated by Dr. Liu Gang.

Dr. Liu Gang’s article “大鸨种群现状及保护” “Status and conservation of Great Bustard in China” concerns the population trends of the Eastern Great Bustard and factors threatening this vulnerable bird. The article calls for collaboration by multiple parties for these birds’ conservation.

The whole issue of China Bird Watch (Volume 19, Issue 4) containing articles by authors across the Chinese range of the Great Bustard, can be downloaded here [large pdf].