New Action Plan for Great Bustards in Asia on the agenda for CMS COP14

A new Action Plan for Great Bustards in Asia has been proposed by the Government of Mongolia for consideration at the 2024 Conference of Parties to the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS COP14).

Edited by Drs Mimi Kessler and Nyamba Batbayar of the Eurasian Bustard Alliance and Wildlife Science and Conservation Center of Mongolia, the Action Plan contains contributions from over thirty regional experts working across the entirety of the Great Bustard’s range in Asia, from Iran through the Korean Peninsula.

The Action Plan synthesizes population estimates, lists important sites, and prioritizes conservation actions in each region. The Action Plan urges conservation measures across the entirety of the species range to prevent further regional extinctions.

The Plan will be presented for adoption at CMS COP14, which will take place in February 2024.