Dr. E. Rustamov

Dr. Eldar Anverovich Rustamov has devoted himself to the study of arid regions and the conservation of their biodiversity. He studied at the Department of Biology at Turkmenistan State University, and completed his PhD thesis at the Department of Biogeography of Moscow State University. He completed his doctoral thesis at the Department of Vertebrate Zoology and General Ecology of Moscow State University. Dr. Rustamov taught at Turkmen State University from 1980-1987 and 1991-1994.

Dr. Rustamov conducts expeditions in Turkmenistan, Western Kazakhstan, Northwestern Uzbekistan, Central and Northeastern Iran, and once in the Gobi Desert. He researches arid and wetland ecosystems, and the Caspian Sea. Dr. Rustamov researches the distribution and abundance of vertebrates, particularly birds, and their conservation and sustainable use. He coordinated Turkmenistan’s Important Bird Area program and contributes to the nation’s Red Books. Dr. Rustamov led the preparation of the dossier to successfully nominate Turkmenistan’s Badkhyz and Koytendag Nature Reserves as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. He currently heads the Committee for Ramsar Regional Initiatives in Central Asia. He has collaborated with Eurasian Bustard Alliance since 2015.