Kh. Khodjamuradov

Khodjamurad Khodjamuradov was born in the city of Kyzyl-Arbat (modern-day Serdar) in the family of a teacher. He studied in the Game Management Department of Kirov Agricultural University (today named Vyatskaya State Agricultural Academy). Mr. Khodjamuradov worked in the Turkmenistan Anti-plague Service in the early 1990s. Since 1995, he has worked as a staff scientist of the Syunt-Khasardagskii State Zapovednik of Turkmenistan, where he continues to research the wildlife of the Western Koptedag and its foothills. Mr. Khodjamuradov is engaged in censuses of raptors, the Common Crane, and the Great Bustard, as well as mammalian predators (leopard, hyena, wolves, caracal, and others) and ungulates (wild ass, urial, gazelle, and others). He has collaborated with the Eurasian Bustard Alliance since 2017.