Dr. J. Saparmuradov

Dr. Djumamurad Saparmuradov was born in the town of Berme, 150 km west of Ashgabat.  He studied in the Biology Department of Turkmen State Universiy, then worked as a staff scientist in the Laboratory of Ornithology of the Institute of Zoology of the Turkmenistan Academy of Sciences. He defended his PhD dissertation on the migration of birds in Southern Turkmenistan. Dr. Saparmuradov is an ornithologist whose main objects of studies are raptors and waterbirds, Great Bustards and cranes. Until 2007 he worked as the Deputy Director of the National Institute of Deserts, Flora and Fauna of Turkmenistan. From 2008 to 2017, Dr. Sapurmuradov served as the Deputy Minister of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Turkmenistan. In 2018, he was appointed head of the Biodiversity Conservation  Authority of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection of Turkmenistan.